Me and my ADD

And when they do - I’m dead.

bellamy trying to be a badass, when in reality is a giant teddy bear 

there is something wrong with this world that we are seriously debating womens health and if tax money should pay for it , when a mans flaccid penis can waste $300 dollars…..what the fuck




whoa. I can’t look away.

*forever reblog*


he doesnt even need to get undressed for me to find this highly attractive 


this should have gone more like this 

c- “HEY! Where is it?”

b-“Thats funny I was just wondering why you werent at camp all last night”

the moment bellamy turned into an actual puppy. look at those eyes 

this makes me feel like he isnt faking it all. finger crossed for some redemption


shirtless bellamy vs puppy eyes bellamy

requested by elliejones22

if these every happen at the same time my ovaries will explode and i will be DONE

i love how bellamy is trying to play it cool but is completely failing at it 


Welcome home Raven!

please dont make them hate each other over finn, they seem like they could be great friends