Me and my ADD


Baby polar bears!

i love me some polar bears 


Aladdin storyboard


Which one? The witches one? ♪ It could be witches, some evil witches! Which is ridiculous ‘cause witches they were persecuted. Wicca good and love the earth and women power and I’ll be over here. Bam bam bam… ♪
-Nicholas Brendon

i need to find the video of this asap 



Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:

this is great 

this show was my shit when i was little 


A for effort Malia.

everyone is overlooking the fact how excited Malia was to make Lydia proud. I don’t understand how people hate her. She is adorable 



You’re a wee, little puppet man!

Season five has its flaws but this episode definitely isn’t one of them.

you are lying if you say you didnt cry laughing during this episode 

"Thank you NIKITA? You mean thank you FANS. I know I speak for all the cast when I say that we owe you. You have made this experience for us."

                                                                      -Maggie Q

this show should have lasted much longer, the cast was pure gold 



I was so bothered by this scene with Lydia and Parrish because it reminded me of something and it was when Young Peter was with Lydia.  Dark Hair.  Light colored eyes.  Now I’m starting to think that something is up.  

holy crap maybe thats why they had him dye his hair dark!!